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2017 WBCA All-Star Nomination


2017 WBCA All-Star Nomination Form

Thank you for registering your student-athlete for the 2017 WBCA All-Star game.  All-Star game nomination is now online and this is the only way to nominate a player.


You need to have a Sport Ngin account to complete the online nomination process.  This is free and the same account works across any Sport Ngin site such as

Stats will no longer be included on the form but will be pulled from the database after the regular season is concluded.  If you need access to your team to update your all-star nominee's stats you can contact WSN at

Only students who are scheduled to graduate in the current spring (2017) are eligible to be nominated. We may request confirmation from the principal and guidance counselor that the student has passed all necessary requirements and will graduate. If the student fails to graduate, he or she will NOT be allowed to play in the WBCA All- Star game.

Students who have committed major athletic code violations during their senior year are not allowed to be nominated for the game.  Furthermore, if a violation occurs after they have been selected from the team they will be replaced.  These major athletic code violations would include any suspension for alcohol or drugs related activity and if the student-athlete participates in a violation of citizenship, which includes violating any criminal law or local ordinance. If a coach feels like their student-athlete's violation was not justified they may appeal to the all-star committee before the all-star selection meeting takes place.  

The dates of the girls game is June 16th and the boys game will be on June 17th.  IF YOUR STUDENT-ATHLETE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GAMES PLEASE DO NOT NOMINATE THEM.

Lastly, each participant in the games is required to raise a minimum of $500 as part of our fundraising efforts for the MACC Fund to help fight childhood cancer and blood related diseases.  The WBCA covers lodging, meals and gear for all players selected to the game so there are no expenses required beyond raising the money for charity.  As the nominated varsity coach, you are guaranteeing that they will raise this money and that you will be held responsible, along with your player for their fundraising efforts.  DO NOT NOMINATE YOUR STUDENT ATHLETE IF TOGETHER YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO FUNDRAISE FOR THE GAME.

You will receive an email confirmation/receipt that your nomination was submitted.  If you do not get this email, that means you did not complete the process.

Varsity Coaches who are current WBCA members will be invited to attend the selection meeting to speak on their player's behalf. 

To complete the 2017 WBCA All-Star Nomination, please login or create an account.